Three Secrets to Using Events to Create Traffic-Driving Blog Content!

Three Secrets to Using Events to Create Traffic-Driving Blog Content!

by Ed Sykes

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers face is producing consistent, quality blog posts that readers find valuable.  Once bloggers master this technique, they will then be able to increase traffic to their blogs, gain new readers, and increase the amount of new customers through their blog posts.

The following are three secrets to using events as a source for your blog posts:

  1. Holidays – Writing about an upcoming holiday or holiday season is a perfect way to drive blog traffic to your site.  When you use holidays as the source for your blog post, your traffic will increase leading up to and on the day of the holiday.  This is because people are searching on the internet for content related to these holidays.

National Doghouse Day, doghouse, Blog Traffic GuruI wrote a blog post, “Let Your Employees Out on National Dog House Day,” a few years ago for the National Dog House Day holiday.  One year after writing the blog post, I notice I’d had a significant increase in the traffic to my blog.  After looking at the analytics for my blog, I found out that it was the National Dog House Day article that was bringing the traffic to my blog.  The real benefit of holiday writing is that you will receive reoccurring traffic every year leading up to and on the holiday.

A great source for finding holidays is Brownielocks Calendar at  They have a complete list of every daily, weekly and monthly holiday under the sun.

  1. News Events – News events are a great way to capitalize on increased traffic searches on the internet.  Give your opinion of the news event or write about how it relates to your clients and readers.  The important point on writing about news events is to be timely.Ellen Selfie Oscars, Oscars selfie, tweeter selfie, Blog Traffic Guru
  1. Entertainment Events – Everyone loves celebrities.  Events involving celebrities garner much attention.  You can create blog posts discussing the actions of these celebrities, or give your own unique perspective on the event.  Also, to help bring attention to your posts and increase search engine optimization, include pictures or videos with your posts.

Remember, events are a never-ending source for creating great traffic-gaining blog posts.  Use the techniques discussed in this article and you will never run out of content for your blog.


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