Blog Tips: How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Blog and Increase Traffic and Sales

Blog Tips:  How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Blog and Increase Traffic and Sales

Smartphone, mobile deviceWhen it comes to your blog or website, the word is mobile for this holiday season. According to the following Response Magazine article, “Mobiles Emerges as Game Changer for Black Friday, Cyber Monday,” by Doug McPherson on December 3rd, mobile commerce is the big winner this holiday season:

IBM reports mobile emerged as a true season game changer: mobile sales increased a whopping 29.3 percent and accounted for one in five transactions. Total sales were up 8.7 percent over 2013, according to IBM.
Analysts say Cyber Monday’s results were so strong they could offset lackluster sales from Black Friday. Total Thanksgiving weekend spending declined 11 percent to $50.9 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Stores saw about 6 million fewer shoppers than expected.
IBM says the Cyber Monday results indicate shoppers are becoming more digitally savvy with online coupons and rebates to find the best bargains.

Well, what does this mean? It means that you need to have a mobile version of your blog so that customers can easily buy products and services from you.
Here are three steps you can take to make your WordPress blog more mobile friendly:

  1. Use Mobile Conversion Plugins – The power of WordPress is that you can use pre-made applications called plugins that allow you to perform certain tasks on your blog. One of the best plugins to make your blog mobile-friendly is Mobile Website Builder for WordPress by DudaMobile.Responsive Devices, responsive themes, responsive websites, responsive blogs
  2. Use Responsive Themes – Responsive themes adapt to the technology it is being viewed on. Whether it is a smartphone, iPad, iPod, or iPhone, your website/blog will reformat so that it is easy to read and use.  Here’s a great resource for blog esponsive themes.
  3. Use Coupons – Discount coupons give the viewer a sense of instant savings. Your website viewer will develop a sense of urgency when you place a time-sensitive coupon on your mobile site. A great couple of WordPress plugins that easily create coupons are WordPress Coupon Widget and Cash Off Coupons. Download, install, and set up either plugin and you will be creating coupons for your mobile blog in no time.

Apply these tree blog techniques and you will gain more clicks on your website leading to more sales. More sales lead to a bigger bottom line for your business, which will lead to a happy holiday for all involved.


Social Media Seminar at Chesapeake Department of Economic Development

Social Media Seminar at Chesapeake Department of Economic Development

Social media was the subject of my seminar at the City of Chesapeake Department of Economic Development on November 12th. The title of the presentation was “Build It, Promote It, and They Will Come.” The audience for this social media marketing seminar was entrepreneurs who wanted to learn how to use social media to market their products, services, and businesses.

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Ed Sykes is presenting social media marketing secrets to group of entrepreneurs in the City of Chesapeake Department of Economic Development.

We had a great turnout of over forty students as I discussed my secrets to growing their businesses with social media. This fast-paced seminar covered the following subjects in three hours:

  • Why use social media?
  • How to gain 1st page placement on the search engine
  • Why is it important to use your blog as the centerpiece of social media marketing?
  • How to create a buzz about your product or service.
  • What are the secrets to having potential customers see you as the expert in your field?
  • How to use video to increase your bottom line.
  • What little know social media sites that drive customers to your business.

During the seminar, I gave away one copy of my best-selling training program, The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Program. I also shared a case study of using video to launch your product and gain exposure for your company. The case study was about The Define Bottle, and how we used video that led to an appearance on the hit business show, Shark Tank, and because of that appearance, see sales for The Define Bottle explode.
For additional information on our seminars, go to For more information on The Social Media Marketing System, go to

Social Media Testimonial by Bob Wager and Jo White of Bob’s Jobs

Testimonial by Bob Wager and Jo White of Bob’s Jobs

Bob Wager and Jo White of Bob’s Jobs shares their testimonial on how social medsocial media testimonial, testimonial, Bob's Job, Jo White, Bob Wager, social media, social media marketing, SEO, search engine optimization, marketing, social media classes, Ed Sykes, Blog Traffic Guru, va, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton Roadsia marketing seminars by Ed Sykes of Blog Traffic Guru help them grow their business. They discuss how they used SEO, video marketing, and their website to gain customers.





Blog Secrets: Five Questions to Ask Before Writing Powerful Blog Posts

Blog Secrets:  Five Questions to Ask Before Writing Powerful Blog Posts

blog, blogs, blogging, blog posts, blog content, Ed Sykes, blog traffic guruIf you are not use to writing, creating a blog post can be a daunting task.  Because great, compelling content is the key to the success of your blog, it is important that you develop methods to creating content.  You can use a content writing service like or you can write the posts yourself.

The question is, “How Do You Write Blog Posts That Connect with Readers?”  The following are five questions that will help clarify your thoughts concerning how to write powerful posts:

  1. Are your Target Audience’s Needs Being Addressed? – Does your blog post topic appeal to your target audience? Create a post that excites your readers and creates a buzz among your readers. It will help your blog become successful.
  2. Does Your Post Provide Useful Information to Your Target Audience? – People are always looking for information that can answer their questions.  People look for information that will elevate “pain”  (problems that your readers may be having) or gain pleasure; they are looking for information that will solve problems, and they are looking for information that will create opportunities for their information.  If you can do this, you will develop a growing group of followers waiting for information that is important to them.
  3. Is Your Post Unique? –  While there may be several blogs and social media sites sharing the same information, is your blog post unique in the way you share the information.  Do you share the information through your own personal story or case study?  Are you writing the post through your own unique voice?  Is your viewpoint or perspective unique?  These are all factors that make your post unique and bring readers back and increase blog traffic.
  4. Is Your Blog Using Credible Sources for Your Content? – Take the time to validate your information.  If you are using statistics, charts, etc., make sure you mention the source of your information and make sure they are a reliable resource.  If you can, mention statistics for thought leaders in your industry.  If you are sharing inaccurate information, you can hurt your image and lose credibility with your target, blog post, blog content, blogging, blogger, proofreading, Ed Sykes, blog traffic guru
  5. Did You Proofread Your Post? – Invest the time to proofread your post before pressing the “publish” button.  Grammatical errors take away from the message of your post and speak volumes about you as an expert.  If you don’t like proofreading, hire someone to do it for you.  I have found inexpensive, quality proofreaders on or  These proofreaders take their jobs seriously and it is an investment in you and your blog.  Work to capture your reader’s attention within the first 100 words of the post.

If you can answer “yes” to the five questions above, you are on the way to producing engaging, interesting, and persuasive content that readers will enjoy reading, acting on, and sharing with others.  Let these five questions be the guide to helping you create a successful blog.

Facebook Reply Link: How to Directly Engage Your Fans!

Facebook Reply Link: How to Directly Engage Your Fans!

Facebook has introduced the new reply links starting March 25th (they are gradually rolling Reply links out to all the pages).  You can now reply directly to comments on your Facebook Fan Page.  Before, you needed to add the person’s name to your comment and hope that they see your response.  This was inconvenient because you may not respond to the commenter until hours or days later and they would need to find your response.

Now all you need to do is go to the comment you want to respond to and click the “Reply” link and you will reply directly to the comment you want.  The benefit of the Reply links feature is that it increases real time engagement without having to type the commenter’s name.  Also the person who made the comment doesn’t need to scroll through various comments to find the reply to their comment.

Watch the following video to learn how start using this great Facebook addition.

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