Social Media: 100+ Great Internet Marketing Quotes

Social Media:  100+ Great Internet Marketing Quotes

Social media and internet marketer share their quotes for success.  The following quotes will help you focus on what is important while using social media to market your business.


Start Your Blog Today: Cyber Monday Discounts are Here!

Start Your Blog Today. Cyber Monday is Here!

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Blog Traffic: Five Secrets To Developing Great Blog Ideas

 Blog Traffic:  Five Secrets To Developing Great Blog Ideas

Blog traffic comes when you create great content.  You know the line “build it and they will come.”  It doesn’t just work for baseball fields.  It works for blog content as well.

The one thing I can tell you is that you have within your immediate grasp enough information in your brain to write your first several blog posts.  You can worry blog, blogging, content, blog traffic, seo, search engine optimatization, social media coach, Ed Sykes, va, virginia beach, hampton roads, norfolk, chesapeake, blog traffic guruabout the rest later.

5 Ways To Get Blog Ideas

1.  Sit down with a piece of paper and start to write one, two or three word phrases that explain something you have done or know something about, just as they come to your mind.

If I did this at this very moment this is what I would write:

blog posts, pictures, what can I write, 10 minute blog, brownies, laundry, WordPress, marketing, trucking, assistant, and I could go on and on.  (Brownies because they are cooking in the kitchen and smelling so good.)

OK, you get the idea.  Just randomly write down things that you know anything about.  Then pick 5 of them that you would feel comfortable having a discussion about with a colleague – those are your blog post ideas!

2.  Ask a question on Social Media. Asking questions on Twitter or Facebook can really get you some great ideas.  I once asked the members of my Decisive Minds Fan Page “What is the 1 thing you really need help with in your business?”  I got some really great answers which lead to 5 new article ideas.

3.  Watch what other experts in your field are writing about. Are there particular subjects that are trending in your industry?  For example right now in business there is a lot of talk about blogs.  Yes there could be many other people right now writing an article about what to write blogs about but none of those posts would be like this one.  The fact that I am writing it makes it unique and different from the others.

4.  Once you get started people will comment on your blog and ask you questions. This will give you even more material for blog posts.

5.  Remember that you do not have to write all of the blog posts yourself. There are lots of people in your industry that would love to be guest bloggers on your site as long as your site fits with their topic.  If you look at my blog you will see lots of blogs from guest bloggers.

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