Free Business Resources to Grow Your Business!

Free Business Resources to Grow Your Business!

If you are interested in doubling your sales, increasing your bottom line, and being more successfully in business, then attend the following free events with innovative tools to help your business:

Business Resources: Negotiation Secrets for Business Seminar

October 24th  from 12 Noon to 1:30 p.m. – The City of Hampton Economic Development – 1 Franklin Street, 1st Floor, Hampton, VA

Cost:  Free

Negotiation Skills  will help you negotiate the best deals that can grow your business. Learn techniques to develop your level of confidence so that you can negotiate successfully in any situation.  You will learn how to develop and implement persuasive negotiating techniques that will have your customers buying more products and services.  Learn how to negotiate with suppliers, develop negotiation partnerships and how to gain the most out of any negotiation situation.

Space is limited.  Reserve your seat.  A boxed lunch will be provided for those registered businesses.   Visit and register today.

Business Resources: Winning the Entrepreneurial Race” Business Conference

October 27th from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Thomas Nelson Community College Workforce Development – 99 Thomas Nelson Drive, Hampton, VA 23666

Cost:  Free

Attend the FREE, one-of-a-kind business forum, “Winning the Entrepreneurial Race,” at Thomas Nelson Community College on October 27th, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Our keynote speaker is Chris Heivly, co-founder of Mapquest.  He will be sharing his knowledge about being a “serial entrepreneur.  You will also learn the following from the leading business experts:

business resources, business conference, business forum

Space is limited!  Go to  Business Forum for more information and registering for this innovative conference!

Business Resources:  How to Create a Professional Website for Government Contracting

October 30th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., ODU Business Innovation Center, 4111 Monarch Way, Norfolk, VA 23508

Cost:  Free

It is another federal budget year and the federal agencies will buy what you have if they know about your company. Are you ready? 

Does your website make it easy for federal procurement agents to get the information to buy from you? Is your website search engine optimized for government buyers to find your products and services? Does your website make it easy for federal clients to order from you? If these points are important to you and your business, we have the workshop that will grow your business!

Our hands-on workshop will show you how to create a professional Government website that will help you grow sales, (Wi-Fi will be provided, so bring laptops). Learn the tools and secrets to quickly build a website that sells your products and services to the government.

Go to to reserve your seat today!

So don’t delay on any of these programs to help your business grow!  Go to the above links and register today!


Business Conference: Chris Heivly Speaker Profile

Business Conference: Chris Heivly Speaker Profile

Business conference, busines forum, Thomas Nelson, Thomas Nelson Workforce Development, Winning the Entrepreneurial RaceI am excited about the upcoming free business conference, “Winning the Entrepreneurial Race!”  Thomas Nelson Community College is hosting this innovative business conference on October 30th from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

I am especially excited about our lineup of business experts.  These experts will be sharing their proven techniques for successfully starting and growing your business.  Our keynote speaker, Chris Heivly will be our lunchtime speaker.  He is known for the following achievements:

  • Dubbed the “Startup Whisperer”
  • MapQuest co-founder
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • TechStars Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • The StartUp Factory Managing Partner
  • Contributor
  • Best-Selling Author of “Building the Fort”(Free Giveaway for All Conference Attendees)
  • Tedx Speaker

The following video is of Chris speaking at the Tedx. This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Chris Heivly talks about his experience starting MapQuest and compares starting a company as an adult to building a fort in the woods as a kid. He also shares lessons he has learned as he has become a mentor for many other start up companies.

He will be our lunchtime speaker and will share his proven techniques for starting your business. Along with hearing Chris, you will learn the following:

  • How to successfully take your idea, product, and service to the marketplace
  • How to build a powerful brand through video and get larger sales.
  • How to access free government programs that will help you grow your business
  • How to use video as a powerful marketing tool
  • And much, much more!

So register today!  Space is limited.

Free Business Conference Bonus! Along with a complimentary networking breakfast and lunch, the first 100 people who registers now and attends the conference will get a FREE copy of Chris Heivly’s best-selling book, “Building the Fort.”

Go to the following page,,  to register and learn how you can start and grow your business today!


Business Workshop: How to Eliminate Fifteen Actions That is Driving Potential Customers Away From Your Business NOW!

Business Workshop: How to Eliminate Fifteen Actions That is Driving Potential Customers Away From Your Business NOW!

Take your business to the next level with this innovative business workshop!  If you want to create endless leads, brand yourself as THE expert in your field, and triple your sales in 25 days, then this is the workshop for you.

Reserve your seat now.  Space is limited!  Click on the following link or call 757-683-5542 for availability.  If the lines are busy, please try again.  We are looking forward to seeing at the workshop!

Free Workshop: How to Avoid These 15 Business Mistakes and Triple Your Sales!

Free Workshop: How to Avoid These 15 Business Mistakes and Triple Your Sales!

Want to learn how to shorten your sales cycle? Want to triple your sales in the next 25 days? Want to be branded as the expert in your field? Then we have the FREE workshop for you! Ed Sykes will be your facilitator for this innovative, high content workshop, How to Eliminate Fifteen Actions That is Driving Potential Customers Away From Your Business NOW!. He will share the secrets to growing your business now!

ODU, ODU business workshop, business workshop, Norfolk business workshop, business seminar, Ed Sykes, the sykes group


Space is limited! Sign up for this FREE workshop and learn the secrets to tripling your sales today! Sign up at

Success Comes Brick by Brick: Five Secrets to Building a Large Blog Following

Success Comes Brick by Brick: Five Secrets to Building a Large Blog Following

Success, blog, blogging, website success, blog traffic guru, Ed Sykes, social media, social marketing, hampton roads, Virginia beach

Success doesn’t come instantly in most cases.  It comes through a combination of time, experience, wisdom, knowledge, and finally the most important ingredient…action.  This are the “bricks of success” that you use to build your framework of success.

This is the same with using your blog as your “brick” for building your successful business.  You build a foundation of adding value to your blog through insightful posts that your reader can gain value from, take action, and grow their business or be successful in their lives.

How to Develop the “Bricks of Success” with Your Blog?

  1. Create Valuable Content – Your success will come from creating valuable content that adds value to your readers lives.
  2. Be On Message – Find out what your potential readers need or want to learn and write the content they want.
  3. Be Consistent – Once you find out what they want, then stay on message.  The fastest way to lose your audience is to write about subjects that didn’t originally come to your blog for in the first place.  Also, be consistent with the amount of posts and the time that you post your content.  Depending on your audience’s demographics, post content every day, several times a day, once a week, etc.  Stay consistent on when you post your content.  For example, if you post everyday at 2 p.m., then stick with that schedule so that your readers can expect when to find your content.
  4. Vary Your Content – Use a variety of content to keep your readers coming back.  This content could be videos, podcasts, info graphics, text, etc.  By using a variety of content, this keeps your audience engaged and keeps them coming back.
  5. Give Your Readers the Big Promise – Let your readers know that if they read your content and take action, their lives will change for the better

I guarantee that if you following the previous five steps for creating a successful blog, your website will be successful.  For more information on how to grow your readership, go to

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