How Success Blog Drives Traffic with Video

 How Success Blog Drives Traffic with Video

Add videos to your blog and social media sites.  Videos are a great technique for driving traffic to your blog or other sites. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo love videos as content and will give extra weight to them when deciding to rank them.  Also, people who enjoy your video will share your video on their sites.

The following motivation video is one of many produced by Giavanni Ruffin of the “Take No Day Off” video series.  It was filmed in my son’s gym, Great Game Athletics.  My son Chris is also in the film (wearing the black shirt).  It is one of many videos that my son uses to drive traffic to his blog and gain new clients.

The three secrets to driving traffic to your blog using videos are the following:

  • Create an engaging video with valuable content
  • Create a series of videos so that your followers will keep coming back
  • Create a sharable video by including your blog link

Enjoy this motivational video, get motivated, and drive blog traffic to your site with videos!

Blog Secrets: Five Questions to Ask Before Writing Powerful Blog Posts

Blog Secrets:  Five Questions to Ask Before Writing Powerful Blog Posts

blog, blogs, blogging, blog posts, blog content, Ed Sykes, blog traffic guruIf you are not use to writing, creating a blog post can be a daunting task.  Because great, compelling content is the key to the success of your blog, it is important that you develop methods to creating content.  You can use a content writing service like or you can write the posts yourself.

The question is, “How Do You Write Blog Posts That Connect with Readers?”  The following are five questions that will help clarify your thoughts concerning how to write powerful posts:

  1. Are your Target Audience’s Needs Being Addressed? – Does your blog post topic appeal to your target audience? Create a post that excites your readers and creates a buzz among your readers. It will help your blog become successful.
  2. Does Your Post Provide Useful Information to Your Target Audience? – People are always looking for information that can answer their questions.  People look for information that will elevate “pain”  (problems that your readers may be having) or gain pleasure; they are looking for information that will solve problems, and they are looking for information that will create opportunities for their information.  If you can do this, you will develop a growing group of followers waiting for information that is important to them.
  3. Is Your Post Unique? –  While there may be several blogs and social media sites sharing the same information, is your blog post unique in the way you share the information.  Do you share the information through your own personal story or case study?  Are you writing the post through your own unique voice?  Is your viewpoint or perspective unique?  These are all factors that make your post unique and bring readers back and increase blog traffic.
  4. Is Your Blog Using Credible Sources for Your Content? – Take the time to validate your information.  If you are using statistics, charts, etc., make sure you mention the source of your information and make sure they are a reliable resource.  If you can, mention statistics for thought leaders in your industry.  If you are sharing inaccurate information, you can hurt your image and lose credibility with your target, blog post, blog content, blogging, blogger, proofreading, Ed Sykes, blog traffic guru
  5. Did You Proofread Your Post? – Invest the time to proofread your post before pressing the “publish” button.  Grammatical errors take away from the message of your post and speak volumes about you as an expert.  If you don’t like proofreading, hire someone to do it for you.  I have found inexpensive, quality proofreaders on or  These proofreaders take their jobs seriously and it is an investment in you and your blog.  Work to capture your reader’s attention within the first 100 words of the post.

If you can answer “yes” to the five questions above, you are on the way to producing engaging, interesting, and persuasive content that readers will enjoy reading, acting on, and sharing with others.  Let these five questions be the guide to helping you create a successful blog.

Blog Secrets: Engaging Blog Posts in Five Easy Steps

Engaging Blog Posts in Five Easy Steps

By Ed Sykes

Blog posts don’t always need to be three hundred plus words all the time.  As a blogger; however, the best blog posts use a combination of different visual and audio tools to hold the attention of readers.

The following are some examples of attention-grabbing tools to hold the attention of your readers:

  1. Photos – Photos are great sources of content for your posts.  People read far more posts with photos than those with just text.  The 21st reader is a visual reader.  Use your photos to drive home a point in your post, fill-in-the-blank, quotes, etc.
  2. Infographics – Create an infographic.  Infographics are a great visual way to take potentially boring information and make it understandable for your reader.  You will need to research the subject and break it down into a simple-to-understand graphic for your readers.

    Infographics, graphics, charts, Ed Sykes, Blog Traffic Guru
    Infographics Example

Infographics are a great way to create engaging content with little or no writing. Infographics are also highly sharable.  Pinterest is the perfect social media site for your infographics.  Pinterest readers love them and with the site driving more traffic than Reddit, LinkedIn and Twitter combined, it has the potential for driving huge traffic to your site.  A great site to help you create infographics is at

  1. Animations – Animated GIFs are a form of content that everyone loves.  People are highly amused by them and they love to share them.  Tumblr is a great source to search and find them, but you can also easily create them yourself.  GIF Brewery for Mac and Giffing Tool for Windows both allow you to simply capture any on-screen video and turn it into a high qualityanimated GIF.
  2. Video – People watch over 6 billion hours of video a month on YouTube.  Be part of those 6 billion+ hours of viewing by recording video for your blog.  Interviews, events, thoughts and more can all be made into great video posts.  Video is a very engaging median that keeps readers on your blog.  The longer your readers are on your blog, the better the chance of them taking some sort of action.  The actions include sharing the video, joining your post, signing up for your newsletter, or buying your products and services.  With the built-in editing tools on YouTube, and the numerous other tools such as iMovie or flip camera and more, anyone can make their video look great and draw tons of viewers.  There are many tools such as PowerPoint, Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker, and iMovie (for the Mac) that allow you to make a great video with minimum effort. Microphone, recording microphone, mic, sound mic
  3. Audio – Want a quick way to create content?  Don’t want to create a video?  As a blogger, you are in a situation where you can’t type? Then create an audio post!  For some people it is easier to talk out an idea than write the post.  Some of us have our best ideas come when we are away from our computers.  Bloggers can audio record their thoughts and ideas to make easily sharable content for their audience in a hurry.  Most smartphones have built-in audio recording apps and you can even use an audio transcription service to translate those recordings to text if you like.

Not only is audio great for recording while on the go but it’s also great for people to listen to when they don’t have access to a computer.  Lots of people listen to podcasts and other audio programs in the car on the way to and from work.  You might find a new audience you didn’t know was out there.

We all take in content in different ways.  The more variety of content we use in our posts, the more likely readers will stop at your posts and start reading, sharing, commenting and acting on them.  Take the time to try out these alternatives to text and you too will have a high-value, engaging blog that drives traffic, establishes you as an expert, and creates new customers.

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