Social Media Marketing Coach Ed Sykes Shares Social Marketing Secrets at Toastmasters Conference

Social Media Marketing Coach Ed Sykes Shares Social Marketing Secrets at Toastmasters Conference

Social media marketing and presentation skills was the combination of the day! On Saturday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the 2015 District 66 Toastmasters Fall Conference in Portsmouth, VA.

They were a fun and enthusiast crowd wanting to network, learn, and be successful by improving their skills. My presentation was “5 Secrets of Using Social media marketing, social media, social marketing, social media coach, social media training, blog coach, blogging coach, social media workshop, Ed Sykes, va, virginia beach, hampton roads, norfolk, chesapeake, blog traffic guruSocial Media Marketing to Achieve Success in Your Life.” In my presentation was a case study of how I coached one of my students, Carter Kostler, to be successful on Shark Tank and beyond using a combination of presentation skills and social media marketing techniques.

The following is the video of Carter Kostler’s performance on Shark Tank:

Some of the social media marketing tips I shared during my presentation was the following:

  • Start with your end result (Set concrete goals on what you want to accomplish)
  • Focus on the few and build up to the many (Start with one or two steps)
  • Do it! (Take action)
  • It is better to have a good program, product, or service and be in the marketplace than have the perfect solution on sitting on your shelve
  • Learn and develop your social media marketing strategy and stick to it
  • People will come out the woodwork to help you once you implement your social media marketing strategy (If you don’t start, no one knows what to help you with concerning your venture)
  • Not all marketing is online (Develop your offline presentation and networking skills)
  • If you are not the expert or don’t enjoy doing the task…outsource it to someone else
  • Keep it moving forward! (Don’t let barriers get in the way of your success)
  • Build it (your product or service), market it, and your customers will come!
  • Video marketing is the key to connecting with your customers
  • Do it all over again…better!

For more information on how you can use social media marketing and/or presentation skills to launch your business or product, contact us at 757-427-7032 or send us an email at  We would love to hear from you!

Is Your Blog Google Mobile Friendly? Five Secrets to Avoiding Google Penalties

Is Your Blog Google Mobile Friendly? Five Secrets to Avoiding Google Penalties

mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, iphone, PC, blogIs your blog or website Google mobile-friendly?  That is the question you will be asking yourself starting April 21st.  That is when Google starts implementing their mobile-friendly update (nicknamed Mobilegeddon) for ranking your blog or website for page placement in their search engine.

I wrote about making your blog mobile-ready back in December.  Why is it important to you to make your blog or website mobile-friendly?  Because Google will boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages while penalizing non-mobile-friendly websites. This could mean lower page placement in Google, lost blog traffic, lost leads, and lost business.  No one wants that.  The following is an excerpt from a recent Google blog post:

“We’re boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.

This update:

  • Affects only search rankings on mobile devices
  • Affects search results in all languages globally
  • Applies to individual pages, not entire websites

While the mobile-friendly change is important, we still use a variety of signals to rank search results. The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal — so even if a page with high quality content is not mobile-friendly, it could still rank high if it has great content for the query.”

So how do we take advantage of this Google mobile-friendly update and continue to drive blog traffic to our websites?  The following are three steps you can take today:

  1. Test to see if your blog is mobile-friendly at Mobile Usability report in Webmaster Tools
  2. Test to see if individual pages are mobile-friendly at Mobile-Friendly Test
  3. Use mobile-friendly themes
  4. Use Responsive blog themes
  5. Use a WordPress plugin like WPTouch or Dudamobile

It is important for you to keep your blog on the first pages of Google and other search engines.  Take the action steps mentioned above and you will be ready for Google’s mobile-ready update.


Blog Tips: How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Blog and Increase Traffic and Sales

Blog Tips:  How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Blog and Increase Traffic and Sales

Smartphone, mobile deviceWhen it comes to your blog or website, the word is mobile for this holiday season. According to the following Response Magazine article, “Mobiles Emerges as Game Changer for Black Friday, Cyber Monday,” by Doug McPherson on December 3rd, mobile commerce is the big winner this holiday season:

IBM reports mobile emerged as a true season game changer: mobile sales increased a whopping 29.3 percent and accounted for one in five transactions. Total sales were up 8.7 percent over 2013, according to IBM.
Analysts say Cyber Monday’s results were so strong they could offset lackluster sales from Black Friday. Total Thanksgiving weekend spending declined 11 percent to $50.9 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Stores saw about 6 million fewer shoppers than expected.
IBM says the Cyber Monday results indicate shoppers are becoming more digitally savvy with online coupons and rebates to find the best bargains.

Well, what does this mean? It means that you need to have a mobile version of your blog so that customers can easily buy products and services from you.
Here are three steps you can take to make your WordPress blog more mobile friendly:

  1. Use Mobile Conversion Plugins – The power of WordPress is that you can use pre-made applications called plugins that allow you to perform certain tasks on your blog. One of the best plugins to make your blog mobile-friendly is Mobile Website Builder for WordPress by DudaMobile.Responsive Devices, responsive themes, responsive websites, responsive blogs
  2. Use Responsive Themes – Responsive themes adapt to the technology it is being viewed on. Whether it is a smartphone, iPad, iPod, or iPhone, your website/blog will reformat so that it is easy to read and use.  Here’s a great resource for blog esponsive themes.
  3. Use Coupons – Discount coupons give the viewer a sense of instant savings. Your website viewer will develop a sense of urgency when you place a time-sensitive coupon on your mobile site. A great couple of WordPress plugins that easily create coupons are WordPress Coupon Widget and Cash Off Coupons. Download, install, and set up either plugin and you will be creating coupons for your mobile blog in no time.

Apply these tree blog techniques and you will gain more clicks on your website leading to more sales. More sales lead to a bigger bottom line for your business, which will lead to a happy holiday for all involved.


Hostgator Special Discount Offer to Start Your Blog Today: 24 Hours Only!

Hostgator Special Discount Offer to Start Your Blog Today: 24 Hours Only!

hostgator, discount coupon, website, blog, blogging, Ed Sykes, Blog Traffic GuruStart your business blog today with our Hostgator special discount offer coupon.  We have created a special 30% off coupon, just for our special blog readers, available for One Day Only!  With this discount coupon, you take an additional 30% off the already low hosting and domain products available at Hostgator, the leader in website and blogging services.

You have only 24 hours to take advantage of this special offer.  This coupon will be valid starting at 12:00 am CST on September 12 and will expire at 12:15 am CST on September 13!

Here’s how you take advantage of this special offer:

  1. Go to Hostgator by clicking on the following discount link:
  2. When placing your order, at the coupon code section, make sure you type “oneday30” to get an additional 30% off your order

It is that simple.  Act today and start blogging today!


Three Secrets to Using Events to Create Traffic-Driving Blog Content!

Three Secrets to Using Events to Create Traffic-Driving Blog Content!

by Ed Sykes

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers face is producing consistent, quality blog posts that readers find valuable.  Once bloggers master this technique, they will then be able to increase traffic to their blogs, gain new readers, and increase the amount of new customers through their blog posts.

The following are three secrets to using events as a source for your blog posts:

  1. Holidays – Writing about an upcoming holiday or holiday season is a perfect way to drive blog traffic to your site.  When you use holidays as the source for your blog post, your traffic will increase leading up to and on the day of the holiday.  This is because people are searching on the internet for content related to these holidays.

National Doghouse Day, doghouse, Blog Traffic GuruI wrote a blog post, “Let Your Employees Out on National Dog House Day,” a few years ago for the National Dog House Day holiday.  One year after writing the blog post, I notice I’d had a significant increase in the traffic to my blog.  After looking at the analytics for my blog, I found out that it was the National Dog House Day article that was bringing the traffic to my blog.  The real benefit of holiday writing is that you will receive reoccurring traffic every year leading up to and on the holiday.

A great source for finding holidays is Brownielocks Calendar at  They have a complete list of every daily, weekly and monthly holiday under the sun.

  1. News Events – News events are a great way to capitalize on increased traffic searches on the internet.  Give your opinion of the news event or write about how it relates to your clients and readers.  The important point on writing about news events is to be timely.Ellen Selfie Oscars, Oscars selfie, tweeter selfie, Blog Traffic Guru
  1. Entertainment Events – Everyone loves celebrities.  Events involving celebrities garner much attention.  You can create blog posts discussing the actions of these celebrities, or give your own unique perspective on the event.  Also, to help bring attention to your posts and increase search engine optimization, include pictures or videos with your posts.

Remember, events are a never-ending source for creating great traffic-gaining blog posts.  Use the techniques discussed in this article and you will never run out of content for your blog.


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