Social Media Seminar at Chesapeake Department of Economic Development

Social Media Seminar at Chesapeake Department of Economic Development

Social media was the subject of my seminar at the City of Chesapeake Department of Economic Development on November 12th. The title of the presentation was “Build It, Promote It, and They Will Come.” The audience for this social media marketing seminar was entrepreneurs who wanted to learn how to use social media to market their products, services, and businesses.

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Ed Sykes is presenting social media marketing secrets to group of entrepreneurs in the City of Chesapeake Department of Economic Development.

We had a great turnout of over forty students as I discussed my secrets to growing their businesses with social media. This fast-paced seminar covered the following subjects in three hours:

  • Why use social media?
  • How to gain 1st page placement on the search engine
  • Why is it important to use your blog as the centerpiece of social media marketing?
  • How to create a buzz about your product or service.
  • What are the secrets to having potential customers see you as the expert in your field?
  • How to use video to increase your bottom line.
  • What little know social media sites that drive customers to your business.

During the seminar, I gave away one copy of my best-selling training program, The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Program. I also shared a case study of using video to launch your product and gain exposure for your company. The case study was about The Define Bottle, and how we used video that led to an appearance on the hit business show, Shark Tank, and because of that appearance, see sales for The Define Bottle explode.
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