Seven High-Value Offers that Increase Your Blog’s Traffic and Company’s Bottom Line

Seven High-Value Offers that Increase Your Blog’s Traffic and Company’s Bottom Line

blog, blog traffic, blog content, website trafficLearning how to use your blog to develop high-value offers is important for leads.  As a business owner, you are always concerned with the following to grow your customer base and company bottom line:

  • How do I increase the number of leads to my blog or website?
  • How do I increase the number of people who see my product, services, and/or ideas?
  • How do increase the number of people who buy my product, services, and/or ideas?

Without leads, no sales, without sales your business no longer will be in business.  So how do we increase blog traffic, increase leads, and ultimately increase traffic?  We can do this by offering high-value offers to your potential customers.  These are offers that are very relevant to your potential customers and provide solutions or ideas to grow their business.  They are free value-added content for the customer.

The following are the five advantages of offering high-value offers:

  • Keeps your organization in front of your customers and potential customers
  • Brands you as “THE” expert in your field
  • People love FREE content
  • People with share your high-value offers
  • People will share the content with others
  • Create massive leads and blog traffic that will lead to action (orders, newsletter sign ups, class and webinar sign ups, etc.)

Here are seven high-value offers that you can create today to increase your leads, conversions, and profits:

  1. EBooks or Guides – Create valuable how to eBooks or guides that can teach your audience a technique.
  2. Templates – Helps save your audience time with an easy-to-implement template so that they can do their job better.  Maybe a template that helps your audience keep track of content or product developmentReports
  3. Research & Reports – Share reports, white papers, and research of how your audience can get the competitive edge
  4. Live Webinars – Webinars are a great way to share your expertise, connect with your audience, and increase traffic to a particular product or service
  5. On-demand Videos – Make a series of short videos available to those leads that sign up for your newsletter
  6. Blog – Include offers in the navigator, top, or sidebar
  7. Blog posts – Create call-to-actions (CTAs) in your posts.  If the reader finds value in the post, they will be excited about learning more through your CTAs.

Take a look at which offers will work for you and your business needs.  By implementing many of these high-value offers, you will see a massive increase in blog traffic, leads, conversions, and ultimately, sales for your business.

For additional information on how you can put together offers that bring you massive traffic, go info@blogtrafficgurucom .or call us at 757-427-7032.

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