Blog Traffic Driven with Free Adobe Software! Limited-Time Offer!

Drive Blog Traffic with Free Adobe Software!  Limited-Time Offer!

AdobeBlog traffic is driven in by several factors.  One of the most important is graphics.  When you create graphics, with good search engine optimization techniques, you will not only drive traffic to your blog, but you will increase audience engagement for each post.  As I always say, the long they stay, the more value they receive, the more you will benefit.

Now the premiere graphics, web design, and video production software company, Adobe, is offering their older versions of software suites for…free!!!  Some of the software available for free are the following:

  • Creative Suite 2
  • Photoshop 2
  • Acrobat Pro 7
  • After Effects
  • Audition 3
  • Illustrator CS2
  • Premiere Pro 2

This is over $700-$1,000 worth of top-notch software to create graphics, create videos, create PDFs, and more to make your blog more interesting and engagement.  Go to the following link to obtain registered copies of these program:

Do not delay!!!  This is a limited-time offer and I don’t know when it will end.  So go there today and driving traffic to your blog with great graphics, videos, and content.

Blog Traffic: How to Create Eye-Catching Pictures with Free Training!

Blog Traffic: How to Create Eye-Catching Pictures with Free Training!

Free Photoshop CourseBlog traffic is an ongoing concern for blog owners.  One of the best ways to increase traffic and audience engagement is through eye-catching pictures., a leader in graphic design training, is offering their Photoshop photo restoration course for free  to Facebook fans, now through April 12:


Facebook Reply Link: How to Directly Engage Your Fans!

Facebook Reply Link: How to Directly Engage Your Fans!

Facebook has introduced the new reply links starting March 25th (they are gradually rolling Reply links out to all the pages).  You can now reply directly to comments on your Facebook Fan Page.  Before, you needed to add the person’s name to your comment and hope that they see your response.  This was inconvenient because you may not respond to the commenter until hours or days later and they would need to find your response.

Now all you need to do is go to the comment you want to respond to and click the “Reply” link and you will reply directly to the comment you want.  The benefit of the Reply links feature is that it increases real time engagement without having to type the commenter’s name.  Also the person who made the comment doesn’t need to scroll through various comments to find the reply to their comment.

Watch the following video to learn how start using this great Facebook addition.

Social Media: 100+ Great Internet Marketing Quotes

Social Media:  100+ Great Internet Marketing Quotes

Social media and internet marketer share their quotes for success.  The following quotes will help you focus on what is important while using social media to market your business.


StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit…The Advantages of Using Them to Market Your Website!

StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit…The Advantages of Using Them to Market Your Website!

Stumbleupon, bookmarketing, social media marketing, Ed Sykes, social media coach, va, virginia beach, hampton roads, chesapeake, blog traffic guruStumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit are excellent resources for sharing your content with users.  These sites are what are called social bookmarking sites.  You place your content on their sites so that other interested users can share your content with their users.  Hence, if you have valuable products or services, you can share these items on StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit along with other social bookmarking sites so that your items receive exposure.

Let’s look at the advantages of using StumbledUpon and Digg…

StumbleUpon and Digg uses ratings to form collaborative opinions on website quality and content. When you “stumble” or “digg” content, you will only see pages that friends and like-minded people have recommended. These sites help you get your great content found that searchers probably wouldn’t find using a search engine to look up.

What this means is by registering for an account with them you are able to add their toolbar to your browser menu and “Stumble” or “Digg” websites. By doing this, the sites that you add will show up in StumbledUpon and Digg’s search pages and stream. This will give your content additional traffic from users of these as well as give you additional links so your content will be indexed from search engines more rapidly.

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