How to Find the Blog for You: Choose the Blog that Releases Your Passion

How to Find the Blog for You: Choose the Blog that Releases Your Passion

by Ed Sykes

Blogs are a wonderful way to get your ideas, products and services out the people who want to see them.  Blogs allow you to release your passion and possibly profit from something you enjoy.  It is a question of which blog is right for you.

There are numerous types of blogs to fit your passion and writing style.  The following is a partial list of blog types:
U.S. Capitol Building, U.S. government

      1. Political Blog – Political blogs focus on news, politics, activism, and other issue-based blogs (such as campaigning).
      2. Personal Blog – Your online diary that may include an individual’s day-to-day experience, complaints, poems and illicit thoughts, and communications between friends.
      3. Topical Blog – This blog focuses either on a particular niche (function or position) that is usually technical in nature or local information.
      4. Health Blog – Healthcare and health issues are front and center on this blog. Medical blogs fall under this category.  They feature medical news from health care professionals and/or actual patient cases.
      5. Literary Blog – This blog focuses on book reviews and discussions relating to new books.  Heavily focused on discussions through forums and post comments.
      6. Travel Blog – This blog showcases a traveler’s experiences.  The blogger generally shares their experiences in a particular city or country and gives the positives and negatives on a particular journey.
      7. Research Blog – Shares the latest information on academic issues such as research notes.
      8. Legal Blog – Gives the latest news on law (technical areas), law cases, and legal affairs.Business Law
      9. Media Blog – Is a watchdog and oversight discussing falsehoods or inconsistencies in mass media; usually exclusive for a newspaper or a television network.  However, online media is a growing concern for these blogs.
      10. Religious Blog – Focuses on religious topics.
      11. Educational Blog – Great source for interaction between students and teachers.  Focuses on new, innovative educational applications in the educational system.
      12. Collaborative or Collective Blog – A specific topic written by a group of people.
      13. Directory Blog – Contains a collection of numerous web sites put into a variety of categories.
      14. Business Blog – Entrepreneurs and corporate employees use these blogs to promote their businesses, develop their brand, talk about their work, and sell their products and services.
      15. Science Blog – Discusses specific scientific subjects and theories and the scientists making new discoveries in their fields.
      16. Review Blog – Reviews different products and services with options to purchase them from different resources.
      17. Video Blog – This blog is a compilation of videos from various resources including YouTube.
      18. Product Launch Blog – This blog’s sole purpose is to sell a new product or service.
      19. Affiliate Blogs – Used for selling other people’s products so that you can make a commission.
      20. Pet Parakeet, Pet, Pets, Parakeets, Parakeet

      21. Pet Blog – Animal and pet blogs are extremely popular because of their personal nature and the humor associated with them.


      As you can see there are many types of blogs out there.  So start blogging!  There is a blog type to fit your passion and style.

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