Are You Losing Customers with Your Email Address? Three Secrets to Creating Email Addresses That Attract Customers!

Are You Losing Customers with Your Email Address? Three Secrets to Creating Email Addresses That Attract Customers!

email, emails, email address, email addresses, gmailWhen I work with enthusiastic entrepreneurs in my programs, I ask them for their email address to send them additional information. I’d say about 95% of these entrepreneurs give me an email address that ends in or Some of them even have active websites and continue to use these addresses for contact with their customers or potential customers.

You could be losing customers by using,, and similar types of emails. Here are the reasons why:

  • By using these emails, it says to potential customers that they are dealing with someone who is temporary or doesn’t know what they are doing.
  • New customers will not do business with a company that has a Gmail or Yahoo address. Many customers think they are dealing with scammers.
  • These types of email are not branding your business. They are branding Google or Yahoo. I don’t think they need any additional help with their branding.
  • Some government agencies will not do business with companies with these emails. These government agencies feel that the potential companies they are considering working with are not in it for the long-term and could also be untrustworthy.
  • Gmail and Yahoo mail have aggressive spam filters. If you don’t know how to set these filters, you might risk the chance of never receiving customer requests that can lead to new business for your company

Going forward, you need to take action to give your customers and potential customers the most professional image of your company. The following are three steps you can take today to enhance your image and brand, make sure you get emails from potential customers, and increase your bottom line:

  1. Decide on Your Domain Name – The quicker you decide on your domain name, the quicker you can start creating your email addresses. Once you have your domain name, you can start creating emails with your company name, e.g.
  2. Invest in a Hosting Service – A hosting service is the space where you host your website files. It allows your visitors to find you and your information. With any good hosting service, you can work within your Control Panel, or cpanel, to create as many email addresses with your address. Two hosting services I recommend are and They are user friendly, reliable, have an abundance of features, and you can easily create your emails in the cpanel.
  3. Maximize Your Email Experience – Now that you have your domain name and hosting service, maximize your email by setting up your administrative and marketing emails. The basic emails you should have setup are for information requests, for personal connections, for any website related inquiries, and emails for other employees at your company. You should also have emails for your various marketing and sales email campaigns. For example, if you have an email campaign where you are selling shoes, you can have them respond using the email That way you know where your lead came from.

Bonus Tip: Watch your vanity email addresses.  Some vanity do not translate well across the world and can be down right offensive.  They may be cute, but are these worth you losing customers?

Now that you have this information, take the steps to brand your email. Once you do, you will experience more leads and sales for your company. I think you would like that, wouldn’t you?

Social Media and Blogging Key to Entrepreneurs

Social Media and Blogging Key for Entrepreneurs

social media, social media marketing, social media marketing class, social media marketing seminar, blog, blog class, blogging seminar, Ed Sykes, blog expert, social media coach, va, virginia beach, norfolk, chesapeake, hampton roadsSocial media is a key tool for marketing your business. When you master these marketing skills, you will accelerate your success and increase the bottom line of your business!

Recently, I had the pleasure of teaching a group of motivated students how to be successful entrepreneurs. I shared with them how to use social media and blogging techniques to increase the number of leads, brand their business, and increase their bottom line. We worked through a series of classroom discussions, hands-on exercises, and case studies so that these budding entrepreneurs can start marketing their businesses. I especially enjoyed that the students were very engaged and challenged me to take them to the next level.

The following is a great, comprehensive, and self-paced resource for learning about how to use social media for your business:

The Ultimate Social Media Marketing System

The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Training Series, social media, social media marketing, social media training, blog traffic guru

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Bad Joke Time

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Bad Joke Time


I was watching television with my daughter. A news broadcast came on discussing the increase in sink holes all across the United States. I say to my daughter, “Do You Know What is the Worst Day for Sink Holes?” See the picture for the punchline.

Well, my daughter rolled her eyes and cried out, “Oh dad!” I don’t think she liked the joke. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

sink hole, sink hole joke, cinco del mayo, Ed Sykes, the sykes group

Blog Hosting Special: Start Blogging Today for Only $3.23!

Blog Hosting Special:  Start Your Blog Today for Only $3.23!


blog, blog hosting, blogs, hostgator, hostgator special, Ed Sykes, blog traffic guru, blogging expert, blogging coach, hampton roads, va, virgtinia beach, norfolk, chesapeake, hampton roadsIn my past classes, I mentioned one of the most important marketing tools you need is a WordPress blog. Well, as luck with have it, HostGator, is doing a 3-day sales to celebrate their sponsorship of the annual Tour Du Rouge charity bicycle race.

The Tour Du Rouge is a charity bicycle ride from Houston to New Orleans that benefits The American Red Cross, and HostGator is once again proud to be sponsoring this event. As part of the celebration, we are offering 55% off all New Hosting Plans from 12am CST, Monday, May 4th and continuing until 11:59pm, on Wednesday, May 6th.

What does this mean? It means you can start a blog right now for as low as $2.23 a monthClick Here To Order Your New Hosting Service

If you have any questions, please call me at 757-427-7032 or email me at


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