Blog Secrets: Five Questions to Ask Before Writing Powerful Blog Posts

Blog Secrets:  Five Questions to Ask Before Writing Powerful Blog Posts

blog, blogs, blogging, blog posts, blog content, Ed Sykes, blog traffic guruIf you are not use to writing, creating a blog post can be a daunting task.  Because great, compelling content is the key to the success of your blog, it is important that you develop methods to creating content.  You can use a content writing service like or you can write the posts yourself.

The question is, “How Do You Write Blog Posts That Connect with Readers?”  The following are five questions that will help clarify your thoughts concerning how to write powerful posts:

  1. Are your Target Audience’s Needs Being Addressed? – Does your blog post topic appeal to your target audience? Create a post that excites your readers and creates a buzz among your readers. It will help your blog become successful.
  2. Does Your Post Provide Useful Information to Your Target Audience? – People are always looking for information that can answer their questions.  People look for information that will elevate “pain”  (problems that your readers may be having) or gain pleasure; they are looking for information that will solve problems, and they are looking for information that will create opportunities for their information.  If you can do this, you will develop a growing group of followers waiting for information that is important to them.
  3. Is Your Post Unique? –  While there may be several blogs and social media sites sharing the same information, is your blog post unique in the way you share the information.  Do you share the information through your own personal story or case study?  Are you writing the post through your own unique voice?  Is your viewpoint or perspective unique?  These are all factors that make your post unique and bring readers back and increase blog traffic.
  4. Is Your Blog Using Credible Sources for Your Content? – Take the time to validate your information.  If you are using statistics, charts, etc., make sure you mention the source of your information and make sure they are a reliable resource.  If you can, mention statistics for thought leaders in your industry.  If you are sharing inaccurate information, you can hurt your image and lose credibility with your target, blog post, blog content, blogging, blogger, proofreading, Ed Sykes, blog traffic guru
  5. Did You Proofread Your Post? – Invest the time to proofread your post before pressing the “publish” button.  Grammatical errors take away from the message of your post and speak volumes about you as an expert.  If you don’t like proofreading, hire someone to do it for you.  I have found inexpensive, quality proofreaders on or  These proofreaders take their jobs seriously and it is an investment in you and your blog.  Work to capture your reader’s attention within the first 100 words of the post.

If you can answer “yes” to the five questions above, you are on the way to producing engaging, interesting, and persuasive content that readers will enjoy reading, acting on, and sharing with others.  Let these five questions be the guide to helping you create a successful blog.

Hostgator Special Discount Offer to Start Your Blog Today: 24 Hours Only!

Hostgator Special Discount Offer to Start Your Blog Today: 24 Hours Only!

hostgator, discount coupon, website, blog, blogging, Ed Sykes, Blog Traffic GuruStart your business blog today with our Hostgator special discount offer coupon.  We have created a special 30% off coupon, just for our special blog readers, available for One Day Only!  With this discount coupon, you take an additional 30% off the already low hosting and domain products available at Hostgator, the leader in website and blogging services.

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Here’s how you take advantage of this special offer:

  1. Go to Hostgator by clicking on the following discount link:
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It is that simple.  Act today and start blogging today!


Video Marketing Student Brings Passion to Her Video Project and Tells Her Son’s Motivational Story!

Video Marketing Student Brings Passion to Her Video Project and Tells Her Son’s Motivational Story!

I am teaching business owners how to use video marketing to promote their business. Usually their goal is to increase their bottom line or maybe tell the story of their business, product, or service.

I had the pleasure of having a student go through my class who wanted to learn how to make a video that would tell the story of her son and how he overcame his challenges to become an award-winning jazz pianist. The student in my class was Phyllis Kauflin. Her son is Justin Kauflin. You may not have heard of him today, but you will shortly. His story is being told in the documentary, Keep on Keepin’ On, produced by musical genius Quincy Jones and coming out on Sept. 19th. The documentary tells the story of Justin’s journey to become an award-winning, world-class jazz pianist in spite of losing his sight at an early age. The documentary also tells the story of how Grammy-award winning jazz legend Clark Terry mentored Justin to become the pianist he is today. View the trailer below.


When his mother attended my video marketing class, she wanted to make a personal video to share with friends and family. Phyllis did a great job using pictures and music to create a mood that told Justin’s story from a baby to an accomplished jazz pianist. This is a perfect example of making a simple yet powerful video through the use of only pictures and music. No actors or narration were needed. View Phyllis’ video below.


After showing her the tools and techniques she needed to make a quality video, she put together this video between my first and second video marketing class, in less than forty-eight hours. What I enjoy about the video marketing class is that the students who come to the class never think they can produce a video, much less a powerful one. Throughout the years, I have had over two hundred students come through my video marketing class; I have only had two students who didn’t have a video ready for the second and final class. I am proud of all of my students who rose to the challenge and produced quality videos that helped their businesses. Or in Phyllis’ case, told her son’s story.

Five Secrets to Increasing Your Blog Subscribers

Five Secrets to Increasing Your Blog Subscribers

Increasing your blog traffic should be every blogger’s concern. Without traffic or eyeballs viewing your blog, nothing happens: no sales, no newsletter signups, etc. While social media is an important part of your marketing mix, having a list of subscribers you can send emails to is also important in terms of gaining customers.
The following are five secrets to increasing the number of subscribers to your blog’s mailing list:

  1. Develop Great Content – Running a successful blog is like a hit television show. Hit television shows have compelling content (drama and comedy), cliff hangers, engaging characters, and you know the date and time the show comes on. Well, your successful blog should have compelling content that can include cliff hangers (part one, part two), and you should consistently post at the same times and on the same days. You keep your blog readers coming back by posting fresh and interesting content. Include a variety of content such as text, videos, podcasts, pictures, etc.
  2. blog, blogging, optin form, Ed Sykes, blog traffic guruMake It Easy to Subscribe – Make sure your subscription link or opt-in box is positioned in ahighly visible location on every page in your blog. The top of the page is a great place for your subscription icon. You may also want to put a subscription link or opt-in box at the end of your blog posts.
  3. Ask Readers to Subscribe – Let your blog readers know what you want them to do. You want them to subscribe. Create your “call-to-action” and be clear what you want them to do. Ask that they join your mailing list so they can receive valuable information.
  4. Offer a Freebie to Subscribers – You can increase the number of subscribers to your blog by offering your potential subscribers something extra, such as a free gift or additional information that could be helpful to them. You can offer, for example, a free eBook, free report, or free newsletter that relates to your blog audience’s need. People love free and they especially love something that is free and addresses their needs.
  5. Promote Your Blog’s Subscriber Opportunities – Use a variety of ways to increase your subscribers. Some of the ways to promote your subscriber list is in your email signature, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also list your blog’s subscription link with various blog directories. I’m sure you can also find other methods. I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

Invest the time every day to build your blog’s subscriber list. Apply the five blog subscriber building techniques and you will soon have a monster subscriber list.

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