Ed Sykes Student Uses Social Media and Presentation Skills to Pitch Product on Shark Tank

Ed Sykes Student Uses His Social Media and Presentation Skills to Pitch Product on Shark Tank

social media, social media marketing, social media coach, presentation, presentation skills, presentation skills coach, Carter Kostler, Ed Sykes, Shark Tank, Blog Traffic GuruAs many of you know, I always mention to be successful in using social media marketing for your business, it starts with developing valuable, engaging content.

That’s where our story begins. In the next week I will be discussing in detail how my student, Carter Kostler, used social media and his presentation skills to market his product, The Define Bottle, and his presentation skills to pitch his product on Shark Tank.  Social media was used to attract attention to his product.  Instead of auditioning with hundreds of other hopefuls, the Shark Tank producers called Carter twice to come on the show.  He turned down the producers the first time (I will share the reason why in a later article) before saying yes to the future young entrepreneurs episode.

In the meantime, please take time tonight to watch Carter pitch his product on the hit television show, Shark Tank. The show is on ABC at 9 p.m. (EST) and I would love to hear your feedback. Enjoy!!! Here’s the preview for tonight’s show!



How to Find the Blog for You: Choose the Blog that Releases Your Passion

How to Find the Blog for You: Choose the Blog that Releases Your Passion

by Ed Sykes

Blogs are a wonderful way to get your ideas, products and services out the people who want to see them.  Blogs allow you to release your passion and possibly profit from something you enjoy.  It is a question of which blog is right for you.

There are numerous types of blogs to fit your passion and writing style.  The following is a partial list of blog types:
U.S. Capitol Building, U.S. government

      1. Political Blog – Political blogs focus on news, politics, activism, and other issue-based blogs (such as campaigning).
      2. Personal Blog – Your online diary that may include an individual’s day-to-day experience, complaints, poems and illicit thoughts, and communications between friends.
      3. Topical Blog – This blog focuses either on a particular niche (function or position) that is usually technical in nature or local information.
      4. Health Blog – Healthcare and health issues are front and center on this blog. Medical blogs fall under this category.  They feature medical news from health care professionals and/or actual patient cases.
      5. Literary Blog – This blog focuses on book reviews and discussions relating to new books.  Heavily focused on discussions through forums and post comments.
      6. Travel Blog – This blog showcases a traveler’s experiences.  The blogger generally shares their experiences in a particular city or country and gives the positives and negatives on a particular journey.
      7. Research Blog – Shares the latest information on academic issues such as research notes.
      8. Legal Blog – Gives the latest news on law (technical areas), law cases, and legal affairs.Business Law
      9. Media Blog – Is a watchdog and oversight discussing falsehoods or inconsistencies in mass media; usually exclusive for a newspaper or a television network.  However, online media is a growing concern for these blogs.
      10. Religious Blog – Focuses on religious topics.
      11. Educational Blog – Great source for interaction between students and teachers.  Focuses on new, innovative educational applications in the educational system.
      12. Collaborative or Collective Blog – A specific topic written by a group of people.
      13. Directory Blog – Contains a collection of numerous web sites put into a variety of categories.
      14. Business Blog – Entrepreneurs and corporate employees use these blogs to promote their businesses, develop their brand, talk about their work, and sell their products and services.
      15. Science Blog – Discusses specific scientific subjects and theories and the scientists making new discoveries in their fields.
      16. Review Blog – Reviews different products and services with options to purchase them from different resources.
      17. Video Blog – This blog is a compilation of videos from various resources including YouTube.
      18. Product Launch Blog – This blog’s sole purpose is to sell a new product or service.
      19. Affiliate Blogs – Used for selling other people’s products so that you can make a commission.
      20. Pet Parakeet, Pet, Pets, Parakeets, Parakeet

      21. Pet Blog – Animal and pet blogs are extremely popular because of their personal nature and the humor associated with them.


      As you can see there are many types of blogs out there.  So start blogging!  There is a blog type to fit your passion and style.

Blog Secrets: Engaging Blog Posts in Five Easy Steps

Engaging Blog Posts in Five Easy Steps

By Ed Sykes

Blog posts don’t always need to be three hundred plus words all the time.  As a blogger; however, the best blog posts use a combination of different visual and audio tools to hold the attention of readers.

The following are some examples of attention-grabbing tools to hold the attention of your readers:

  1. Photos – Photos are great sources of content for your posts.  People read far more posts with photos than those with just text.  The 21st reader is a visual reader.  Use your photos to drive home a point in your post, fill-in-the-blank, quotes, etc.
  2. Infographics – Create an infographic.  Infographics are a great visual way to take potentially boring information and make it understandable for your reader.  You will need to research the subject and break it down into a simple-to-understand graphic for your readers.

    Infographics, graphics, charts, Ed Sykes, Blog Traffic Guru
    Infographics Example

Infographics are a great way to create engaging content with little or no writing. Infographics are also highly sharable.  Pinterest is the perfect social media site for your infographics.  Pinterest readers love them and with the site driving more traffic than Reddit, LinkedIn and Twitter combined, it has the potential for driving huge traffic to your site.  A great site to help you create infographics is infogr.am at https://infogr.am.

  1. Animations – Animated GIFs are a form of content that everyone loves.  People are highly amused by them and they love to share them.  Tumblr is a great source to search and find them, but you can also easily create them yourself.  GIF Brewery for Mac and Giffing Tool for Windows both allow you to simply capture any on-screen video and turn it into a high qualityanimated GIF.
  2. Video – People watch over 6 billion hours of video a month on YouTube.  Be part of those 6 billion+ hours of viewing by recording video for your blog.  Interviews, events, thoughts and more can all be made into great video posts.  Video is a very engaging median that keeps readers on your blog.  The longer your readers are on your blog, the better the chance of them taking some sort of action.  The actions include sharing the video, joining your post, signing up for your newsletter, or buying your products and services.  With the built-in editing tools on YouTube, and the numerous other tools such as iMovie or flip camera and more, anyone can make their video look great and draw tons of viewers.  There are many tools such as PowerPoint, Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker, and iMovie (for the Mac) that allow you to make a great video with minimum effort. Microphone, recording microphone, mic, sound mic
  3. Audio – Want a quick way to create content?  Don’t want to create a video?  As a blogger, you are in a situation where you can’t type? Then create an audio post!  For some people it is easier to talk out an idea than write the post.  Some of us have our best ideas come when we are away from our computers.  Bloggers can audio record their thoughts and ideas to make easily sharable content for their audience in a hurry.  Most smartphones have built-in audio recording apps and you can even use an audio transcription service to translate those recordings to text if you like.

Not only is audio great for recording while on the go but it’s also great for people to listen to when they don’t have access to a computer.  Lots of people listen to podcasts and other audio programs in the car on the way to and from work.  You might find a new audience you didn’t know was out there.

We all take in content in different ways.  The more variety of content we use in our posts, the more likely readers will stop at your posts and start reading, sharing, commenting and acting on them.  Take the time to try out these alternatives to text and you too will have a high-value, engaging blog that drives traffic, establishes you as an expert, and creates new customers.

Blog ResourcesBlog Video Training

Blog Training Resources: Make Money Blogging: How to Create Customer-Pulling Business Blog

Three Secrets to Using Events to Create Traffic-Driving Blog Content!

Three Secrets to Using Events to Create Traffic-Driving Blog Content!

by Ed Sykes

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers face is producing consistent, quality blog posts that readers find valuable.  Once bloggers master this technique, they will then be able to increase traffic to their blogs, gain new readers, and increase the amount of new customers through their blog posts.

The following are three secrets to using events as a source for your blog posts:

  1. Holidays – Writing about an upcoming holiday or holiday season is a perfect way to drive blog traffic to your site.  When you use holidays as the source for your blog post, your traffic will increase leading up to and on the day of the holiday.  This is because people are searching on the internet for content related to these holidays.

National Doghouse Day, doghouse, Blog Traffic GuruI wrote a blog post, “Let Your Employees Out on National Dog House Day,” a few years ago for the National Dog House Day holiday.  One year after writing the blog post, I notice I’d had a significant increase in the traffic to my blog.  After looking at the analytics for my blog, I found out that it was the National Dog House Day article that was bringing the traffic to my blog.  The real benefit of holiday writing is that you will receive reoccurring traffic every year leading up to and on the holiday.

A great source for finding holidays is Brownielocks Calendar at http://www.brownielocks.com.  They have a complete list of every daily, weekly and monthly holiday under the sun.

  1. News Events – News events are a great way to capitalize on increased traffic searches on the internet.  Give your opinion of the news event or write about how it relates to your clients and readers.  The important point on writing about news events is to be timely.Ellen Selfie Oscars, Oscars selfie, tweeter selfie, Blog Traffic Guru
  1. Entertainment Events – Everyone loves celebrities.  Events involving celebrities garner much attention.  You can create blog posts discussing the actions of these celebrities, or give your own unique perspective on the event.  Also, to help bring attention to your posts and increase search engine optimization, include pictures or videos with your posts.

Remember, events are a never-ending source for creating great traffic-gaining blog posts.  Use the techniques discussed in this article and you will never run out of content for your blog.


Blog Creation: Five Secrets to Creating a Successful Business Blog

Blog Creation:  Five Secrets to Creating a Successful Business Blog

by Ed Sykes

blog, blogging, blog post,, blog traffic, Ed Sykes, Blog Traffic GuruEvery day business blogs are created with great expectations. Your blog is just one of over two hundred million (and counting) blogs on the internet. However, many business blogs fail because of the author not knowing what is required to create a successful blog that creates leads, engages readers, and provides valuable content for its followers.

Creating successful business blogs requires the knowledge and actions that meet not only your business’s goals, but also the goals of your followers. The following are five secrets to creating a successful business blog that turns readers into customers:

  1. Have Clear Objectives For Your Blog – Start with the question, “What do you want to accomplish with your blog?” This will give you the answers to creating a blog with clear objectives. Are you starting your blog to sell products and/or services? Are you starting your blog to enhance the brand of your company? Are you blogging to develop yourself as an authority in your industry? All of these questions must be answered so that you can develop a blog that communicates your goals through content, look and feel.
  2. Be Consistent With Your Blog Content – I always say that creating a successful blog is like a hit television show. As with a hit television show, you know what time the show will come on. The same with your blog, you must consistentlyblog, blogging, blog post,, blog traffic, Ed Sykes, Blog Traffic Guru post content the same times during the day so that your readership know when to find your content. A hit television show also has a compelling storyline. As with your blog, engage your readers with content that tells a story. There should be stories on how your products and services can help your readership, or the stories can help your readers better understand their situations. Some television shows have their viewers coming back through cliffhangers. Your blog content can end with a cliffhanger too, offering your readers something more if they return.

Whatever you do, create a schedule of how often you will post blog content based on your reader demographics. Do they prefer content every day or twice a week? Does your readership prefer to read your posts early in the morning or late afternoon? Once you uncover this information, keep to your schedule of posting content.

  1. Maximize Your Blogging Resources – Blogging requires dedicated effort in order to work. Not everyone is a natural blog writer and community builder. A successful business blog puts a personality on the company and both listens and responds to the community. Expecting a blog to be a silver bullet purely based on the SEO friendliness of blog software, for example, is as shortsighted as expecting on-page SEO alone to solve a web site’s search engine ranking problems.

Successful business blogs requires an understanding of how to maximize your people, method, and technology used to keeping the blog successful. Remember, it is easy to start a blog; the challenge is keeping the blog interesting, engaging, and valuable for the long term. A set short and long term resource goal along with responsibility is the key. If a business is going to start a blog, they should plan for long-term success rather than treating it like a hobby. Your blog is an important piece in your marketing plan. Treat it as such.

  1. Create Feedback Channels – Comments and trackbacks are big reasons why business blogs are so successful. Allowing readers to share comments enables them to feel connected with your product and/or service. However, many business blogs don’t allow comments because of their fear of negative comments or the time and expense of staffing required to handle any such comments. My opinion is that a blog without comments isn’t really a blog. Comments are a goal, not a liability. Feedback from readers, good and bad, creates a conversation that includes the company.

The second part of the feedback mechanism is analytics. Web visitor analytics, RSS feed analytics, on-site search, social media monitoring, inbound links and comments on other blogs all provide abundant opportunities to measure the effect of a business blog and its reach. This kind of feedback can motivate the right mix of resources to evolve the blog as a key component of the organizations PR and marketing program just like any other marketing effort.

  1. Do It Yourself Disorder – Any business can setup blogs themselves quite easily, but judging by the number of “dead” blogs out there, it’s a very different thing to setup a blog than to start a blog and continue to be successful with it. Sometimes business simply gets in the way of sustaining a successful, engaging blog.

Busy BusinessmanWe recommend companies start their own internal blogs and see what’s involved. That way they can appreciate the challenges of developing a successful blog. However, it is important for you to bring in the right people that have the talents and attitude to make your blog successful. This could be an internal employee who has the skills to work with the blog (maybe the newsletter writer) or an external expert or blog coach. Just like athletes and executives have coaches to guide them in the right direction, why wouldn’t you have a blog coach or expert to create your best blog? Your blog coach can show you how to maximize your blog experience while incorporating your blog into the overall marketing strategy of your organization.

Your blog can be a powerful marketing tool with the right skills and effort. Invest in the time to apply the above blog secrets and you will enjoy your blog experience and reap the benefits of this powerful marketing tool.

The following are some blogging resources to help you start your blog:



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