Social Media Marketing Seminar by Ed Sykes

Social Media Marketing Seminar by Ed Sykes

I had a great time today presenting business social media marketing secrets today with business owners at Norfolk State University.   It was sponsored by the City of Norfolk Department of Economic Development. The audience members were engaged, motivated, and ready to make a difference for their businesses.

Some of the subjects covered in this seminar were the following:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog and Content Development
  • Facebook FanPage Usage
  • Article Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Press Release Marketing

I showed audience members how to break away from traditional marketing and look forward to using 21st century social media marketing techniques.  These business owners enjoyed the real life examples I showed them through stories, examples, and videos.

My session was recorded and will be shown on TV-48 sometime in October. I will keep you posted!

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